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Here at Total Medical Supply we take pride in supplying our customers with quality products that fit your specific needs. As a patient your only worries will be to contact us and specifying which product you neeed, we take care of everything else, paperwork, billing the insurance and delivering the product. Our team is built to provide our customers with quality customer service to make sure you dont receive orders that you didnt need. We call to make sure you are in need of more products before shipping them out to you. Taking care of our customers in a way that benefits them and makes it as easy as can be, gives us an advantage to be a big competitor in the medical supply field.

Our company was built with a mindset that every customer is just as important as the last. We understand the frustration of receiving a wrong order and not receiving your supplies on time. Our company does checkups to make sure our customers have received their orders. Curae; Aenean mollis, lacus a euismod placerat, ante mi ornare nunc, nec egestas quam est nec special equipment!

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If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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Our Team

Here at TMS our team is built to last and make a difference.

Jane Jones
Director of Sales

Jane is our sales specialist. She is ahead of the North America region and also manages our sales team. Her favorite hobbies are crossfit, playing with her kids and traveling.

Steve Stevens
Director of Information Systems

Steve is our IT guru. He takes care of innovatation. He keeps up with the latest tools and supplies and takes care of getting us involved in the newest trends. He enjoys brushing his hair and growing his beard.

This Lady
First Employee Ever!

Granny gran was the first employee to come on board. With her experience in using the actual products, she was able to bring different value.

Total Medical Supply

Total Medical is dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. Let our team demonstrate to you why we should be your TOTAL CARE provider!

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3403 Cascades Blvd. Texarkana Tx
Office: (877) 670-1120
Office Hours: 8-5pm M-F
P: (877) - 670 -1120

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